Gimme Shelter

Threw a random CD into the player while driving to the pool with Chris today, and by chance Gimme Shelter,  the greatest rock tune of all time, came on.  I don’t listen to music while I run or workout, but I do enjoy setting the mood on my way there.  I could listen to Gimme Shelter every day for a year and not get tired of it.   That was followed by Copperhead Road by Steve Earle, which is a magical composition because it touches the white trash deep within most American caucasians.  I don’t believe I have any moonshining ancestors, I did not serve in Vietnam, and I actually think the drug trade in all it’s forms is evil, but after listening to Copperhead Road I’m always ready to go out and rebel against The Man.  Finally, just before we arrived at the pool, Chris asked me to turn it up when Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of Voodoo Child came on, and I knew I had been a good parent and raised my boy right.  I think that’s the only remake I very much prefer to the original, and every time I hear it I feel like a total badass.  Then, of course, I realize I am driving a mini-van to the local YMCA, that I have to be careful not to over-do it because I have to be able to go to work tomorrow, and that I need to finish up at a reasonable hour because I need to work on the lawn mower when I get home.  I take my badass moments in tiny increments, whenever they are available.

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